Does your organization struggle with turnover and productivity? You know how hard (and costly) it can be to hire and train new talent. LEARN TO CREATE VALUE AND RETAIN YOUR BEST EMPLOYEES.

Shona Elliott led her organization to become a Top 100 Employer and within Creating Value as a Senior Leader, she teaches leaders how to retain their employees, increase employee engagement, and create high-performing teams that achieve their organization’s goals.

In Creating Value as a Senior Leader, leaders learn:

  • Why their good employees leave and how to prevent it

  • What they can do to keep their best employees

  • The secret to maintaining great relationships with employees• The easiest way to boost employee engagement

  • How to align their employees with strategic and departmental goals

  • How to motivate their employees to positively contribute to their organization’s success

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Do you wish you were more connected to your team? Do you imagine a day when you can create more value as a senior leader? Create Value as a Senior Leader: Effective Strategies to Retain Employees, Increase Engagement, and Achieve your Organization's Goals by Shona Elliot gives useful insights to readers on how to connect with their employees in a meaningful way. The book gives excellent tips on where changes can be made to achieve their performance targets, retain their employees, and increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The author's strategies and techniques will help one focus on the work to be done as a senior leader in the organization.

Shona Elliot looks at a relevant topic with a unique perspective and will guide readers on how to begin their transformative journey to creating value as a senior leader. The author shares her personal story and experiences and that makes it easy for readers to connect better with her words and to reflect on their careers and see how they can create and provide value as a senior leader. Create Value as a Senior Leader is a good way to identify the journey of creating value as a senior leader by finding time for solving employee retention and engagement problems. It will also help to align leaders and employees with strategic goals and motivate employees positively and effectively to contribute to the success of the organization. The narration is fluid and the style of writing is neat and elegant, making it easy for readers to understand and practice. Shona Elliot's tactics are easy to boost employee engagement and ensure employees feel valued. The book is definitely a good one to create a positive mindset with gratitude.

-Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite